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Halloween 2020 COVID-19 Safety Tips

Some neighbors will be participating in trick-or-treating this year, and some will not. Please adhere to the following COVID-19 "prevent the spread" guidelines for our community.

  • Maintain 6+ feet distance from neighbors.

  • Try not to hand candy directly to trick-or-treaters. Consider putting treat bags on your lawn for kids to pick up, or make a “candy chute.”

  • Wash hands before & after handling treats.

  • Please wear a cloth or surgical mask over your mouth and nose when you're out and about.

  • Trick-or-treat with your own household.

Old-school rules: If a home's windows are dark or the front patio light is off, they are most likely not handing out treats. Please do not approach the front door of those homes.

Have fun, and please be safe!!!


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