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Help Keep Our Community Clean - Trash and Recycling Night Tips

To better ensure the HOA’s contract trash and recycling crews collect your home’s garbage and recycling, please remember the following:

  • Keep It Separate. Separate garbage and recycling piles. Leave a few feet between each pile. If you have a blue recycling bin, fill it and place it with your recycling pile.

  • Keep It Visible. You can leave trash and recycling out in front of your house, but the collection crews will occasionally miss stuff left out. An alternative is to leave trash and recycling piles out next to street curbs in common area space. Make it obvious that the trash/recycling is meant for collection. DO NOT leave trash/recycling in the middle of the common areas far from street curbs.

  • Don’t Cross the Streams. Consider using black garbage bags for your trash. If you use white or clear bags for garbage, please be sure it does not appear as though the things inside should be recycled. (Yes, our collectors look and will leave trash behind, even if the white/clear bag is in a trash pile.)

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