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Villa D’Este Village HOA Launches New Website

New Villa d’Este Village HOA Website Banner Image

The VDEV HOA Board is pleased to announce the launch of a new HOA website,

The decision to create the new website responds to comments made by many association members.

In general, members said the HOA website should have a contemporary design. The new website features a modern design and is mobile device friendly. The website includes a link to pay HOA dues, an “Announcements” page, HOA contact information, and additional web links and information of interest to prospective new homeowners.

Many members also noted that the HOA website should be updated regularly to make the entire association aware of important announcements, meetings, and community events. We welcome and encourage HOA members to use the new website to let the Board and the entire community know about HOA-related issues. Please consider checking the Announcements page from time to time for new posts covering HOA updates, news, and fun community activities. The Board will continue to send important notices to members via the HOA’s Google Groups email service.

From the very beginning to the very end of this process, the Board took into consideration the cost of developing and supporting the new website. The Board is happy to report that a small fee was paid to acquire the new web domain. In addition, the new website hosting fee is not much more than what it was to host the previous website. Importantly, the cost of developing and designing the new website was $0.00, thanks to the time and talent volunteered by one of our association members. Thank you, Kristy, for volunteering your time and guiding us through this effort.

Please feel free to contact the Board for more information.

Thank you,

The VDEV HOA Board

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