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Paving Project

Owens Ct. and Bayswater Ct. are scheduled for repaving July 25-27. All parking spaces and fire lanes throughout the community (including St. Cloud Ct. and both lots of Kingsbridge Dr.) will be repainted at that time, with parking space numbers added on the asphalt.

Parking restrictions will of course be necessary during this project to allow the contractors to complete their work and to allow the asphalt to cure properly after the work is completed. We will give exact details as soon as we have them, but the most likely dates are as follows:

No parking on Owens, Bayswater and St Cloud: July 25th-28th

No parking on "little" and "lower" Kingsbridge Dr.: July 27th

Please be aware of these dates if you plan to be on vacation at that time and move your cars before you leave or arrange for a neighbor to move your car for you. All parking restrictions will be towing enforced.

Please contact the board at if you have any questions.

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